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Find Courage to Get out of the Comfort Zone & Create a Life You Enjoy

Online and Personal Coaching with

Mary Beth Bolles

Meet Mary Beth

Certified Transformation Coach


I am trained in transforming people’s lives, talking to people about their pain and struggles, asking questions, and helping to heal the hurt. 

I am not a counselor or therapist.  I am a transformation coach.  The method I use can guide you to change and heal a part of you that is hidden--that affects how you feel about who you are.   You will be able to voice and honor real feelings and thoughts, some you are aware of and others you are not aware of.  My method gives you a new framework to view yourself with more compassion.  Your old story won’t have the same impact on you.  You will feel better. 


You will be able to focus on the positive side of your personality and your struggles, seeing your gifts and your talents--more than your flaws.  You will be able to see new possibilities for your future.


We will break down barriers so you don’t have to live the rest of your life hidden behind them. 

Let’s get started! 

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What I Specialize In

Digging into the Struggle

Creating a

New Vision

Building Confidence 

and Empowerment

Motivating and Supporting


The journey towards health begins on the path of self love. Begin your journey today.

Wow!  I received the most wonderful healing after our session today. It’s like a missing piece of the puzzle just popped into place.  I have had an overwhelming sense of renewed purpose.  I have had the biggest outpouring of emotion and gratitude that has filled my being.  I am forever grateful!”

- Vashti D.

"Before I met Mary Beth, I had been struggling for years to move into the life I really wanted.  Through our ongoing work together, she has been a guiding light of kindness, compassion and wisdom that has enabled me to transform past trauma and old patterns.  I am now freely moving forward, with tangible results showing up in my business and my personal life as a direct result of our working together.  Our continued sessions provide a loving re-adjustment of direction and beliefs on my evolving journey.  Mary Beth shines with unconditional understanding and holds space for my best outcome.  Over and over again, she has shown me the power of working with a coach 1:1 and I know I will never go back to trying to “work it out” alone.  I feel blessed to have Mary Beth in my life."

- Jen T.

Make a choice today to create an exciting new chapter in your story.  You are not your struggles.  They don't define you.  Find the courage to  overcome the blocks that keep you from your best life!

-Mary Beth Bolles

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Find your Purpose, Unleash your Power and Live a Prosperous life.

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